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Chapter 13
I woke up in a terrible mood. I was sweating, hot, and my blankets felt like they were damp, making me feel uncomfortable. I groaned, waking up. It was 3:24 am. I sighed again, before rolling over and awkwardly cuddling with Tie, trying to sleep.
"OI, BOYS GET UP." My brother's voice boomed from the hallway, Tie groaned as I just ignored him. "SKYLAR, TIEMEN, GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE NOW!!" Jake yelled again, muttering some more profanities.
"CHILL YOUR FUCKING ASS YOU DRAG QUEEN." Tie yelled over my head, waking me up completely. He ripped the pillow out from under my head and chucked it at the door before settling down on the bed again, locking eyes with me.
"Morning..." My voice croaked.
"Hey..." He smiled.
"We should probably get up now..."
He paused, ".....Yeah........."
I grabbed his pillow and shoved it in his face, surprising him. "That's for rudely waking me up. Asshole."
I jumped up and he grabbed my shirt, pulling me down back to the bed. "Dibs on
:iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 5 3
Dream. by McKenzieEmeryTyler Dream. :iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 10 4
Chapter 12
I stood there, completely frozen as a blush crawled up my neck and to my face. Avery was over Alec, Alec's pants dropped to the floor as Avery was just about to give him head. I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't even move. I was disappointed, and pissed. They finally caught notice of me and Alec deflated like a popped balloon. I pushed Avery off of him weakly before hissing, "I'm sorry, I really need to talk to my best friend right now." To my surprise, he backed off. Alec pulled his boxers up, embarrassed before dragging me out of his room, into the hallway.
"What." It was extremely obvious Alec was displeased from his tone of voice.
"I'm sorry to interrupt your fuckfest with Mr. Shitface Bitch over there but I really need to talk to you." I looked him pleadingly in the eye before he sighed, cocking his hip out as he crossed his arms.
"You really aren't going to fuck him right." He looked everywhere but me.
"Me? Ohh god no. It was a joke between Korben and I."
He blushed at t
:iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 6 10
Chapter 11
Skylars POV.
We settled in our seats and I pulled out my laptop, plugging it into the wall. Korben was sitting in the seat in front of me, the one Alec used yesterday. Speaking of Alec, he was settled quite comfortably on the desk Avery was using, obviously flirting with him. I don't know why, but it pissed me off, and apparently Korben was feeling the same. He turned around in his seat to face me and he glared at them, hard.
"So he's that type eh..." Korben muttered, clearly displeased.
I sighed softly. "He's a flirt, not a slut. Why does it bother you?" I raised an eyebrow, curious.
"I'm the type of person that if a guy gets me pregnant, I'd like him to marry me." He pouted slightly and I raised both eyebrows.
"You can't get pregnant though...?" Oh my god.
He pointed an accusing finger at me and stared at me challengingly. He honestly has got that 'black woman' swag going on. "You don't know that. You haven't fucked me." Holy shit.
I laughed. I couldn't help it. "Wh-WHAT!?"
He rolled
:iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 3 4
Chapter 10
Korben's POV;
It was like my world stopped, but everybody else's was in fast forward. I stood there frozen, as my world moved at a crawl, my heart beating 3 times a minute. The boy pulled away from the gentle butterfly kiss he gave me, his dark hair fluttering in the wind. Our eyes met and I gasped. All of a sudden my world was in motion again! I was lurched forward at super speed into the future; my world catching up with everybody else's around me. Everything moved so quickly, it was like a furious blur of city car lights, racing to get to their destination. Blood rushed to my face and my heart received a kick start as it started beating a million times a minute, emotions running through my blue veins. The boy ran out of the crowd of people surrounding me, so fast that my body guard couldn't catch him. I was lurched backward and a rough force into the chest of my other body guard as he inspected my well being. I couldn't see. I couldn't focus. Everything was a blur, events were rushi
:iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 4 4
:) by McKenzieEmeryTyler :) :iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 11 14 I really like this photo of me! by McKenzieEmeryTyler I really like this photo of me! :iconmckenzieemerytyler:McKenzieEmeryTyler 18 5

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Elizah James
Artist | Digital Art
Hey, I'm McKenzie Emery Tyler, or Elizah James. I often get told that my name sounds backwards, and that always struck me as odd, but who knows, maybe it is backwards. I prefer to be called Emery though. I'm not a fake, but apparently my pictures have been circling the net lately -_-, and I do have a proof posted somewhere on here... Anyways, I do have a facebook but it's PERSONAL, so don't add me lol, that is, if you do find it.

BY THE WAY. This is my bestest friend in the whole wide world, we've been together since kindergarten: :iconajbaby030:
and heres my other amazing bestfriend, BY THE WAY, SHES FUCKING GORGEOUS OKAY!? So page rape her >.> she deserves it :3 :iconstoriesofalullaby:
i love them so much :3,

I'm member of:


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Personal Quote: love breeds from physical attraction, but so does lust, and obsession.

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Sun Apr 8, 2012, 8:26 PM
These people are gorgeous and amazing;

I love them so please watch them c:
I FINALLY it 400!
Thanks guys<3
I love you 7 so much c:
you helped me when I needed you most xD


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